Coffee & Adrenal Fatigue

adrenal fatigue and coffee

“Please don’t even try to talk to me until I’ve had my coffee!”…Does this sound familiar?  The truth is, if you have a thyroid condition, coffee is not your friend because it may play a role in adrenal fatigue and make it even more challenging to get better. The adrenal glands are very tiny structures that sit…

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What You Should Know that an Adrenal Test Doesn’t Reveal

          ADRENAL TESTS DON’T REVEAL THIS ONE IMPORTANT DETAIL For Ladies Only Find Out What Your Standard Adrenal Test Doesn’t Show! Fact:  This Quiz Will Change How You Manage Adrenal Health Over the past several years I’ve observed varying degrees and phases of adrenal fatigue.  Some women get better and others…

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Inflammation: The Root Cause of Illness


Inflammation and problems with the digestive tract are often the norm when it comes to living with autoimmune disease.  It is inflammation that is the driving force behind Hashimoto’s but did you also know these factors can also accelerate aging and increase the risk of degenerative diseases? Inflammation can also lead to adrenal fatigue…another reason why it is so important to work on digestive issues.…

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Are Your Adrenals in Check?

 A Word from Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD In the thyroid world there is no shortage of discussion about adrenal problems. We know that healthy rhythms of cortisol are essential to repair your thyroid but how can you get healthy rhythms? The first is always treating the cause. Why are they unhealthy to begin with? There is…

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