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Thyroid Labs

Thyroid Labs.  When I worked in the clinical setting I often observed physicians ordering TSH and Total T4 ONLY to assess a patient’s thyroid.  Naturally, I would debate the issue with them time and time again, and only a few listened to the point that they changed their orders.  I even posed the question to one new resident “if this were your…

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Top 3 Stealth Infections And Hashimoto’s

Top 3 Stealth Infections Hashimoto's

Infections and Hashimoto’s is a popular topic.  One question I get asked a lot is related to infections and what people are hearing about in Facebook groups or learning from “Dr. Google.” It can be overwhelming so I wanted to share what I’ve learned through various thyroid medical conferences. Researchers have found there are three…

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How to Improve Thyroid Symptoms with Progesterone

Thyroid Symptoms Low Progesterone

How to Improve Thyroid Symptoms with Progesterone Thyroid symptoms are often preceded by or coincide with fluctuating hormone levels.  Estrogen dominance is a term used to describe the situation when your body has too high a level of total estrogen in relation to your amount of progesterone.  The ratio of progesterone is often found to…

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Vitiligo & Thyroid Disease

Vitilito Thyroid Disease Connection

One of the risk factors associated with autoimmune thyroid disease and not healing the immune system is secondary autoimmune conditions.  When the immune system loses tolerance… lack of self-tolerance – it can’t identify which cells belong to you from those cells that are pathogens, i.e. viral or bacterial cells. When I realized that I could…

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A Better Way to Order High Quality Thyroid Supplements

DFH Select

The dietary supplements you choose are key to achieving the health outcomes you desire. In today’s environment, many people prefer to purchase the products recommended by their wellness provider or consultant in ways most convenient for them.  If people can’t conveniently buy what is recommended for them, they will switch to a formula that is…

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What’s the Link Between Shoulder Pain & Hashimoto’s?

Shoulder Pain & Hashimoto's

It’s been my observation that so many women who have Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism often report symptoms of random shoulder pain.  I’ve experienced the problem personally a few times and at one point started to wonder if there could be a link between shoulder pain and Hashimoto’s. Guess what?  There is! My Shoulder Pain Story During…

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How Dehydration Can Impact Your Health & Thyroid

You can survive for several days without food but going without water for just one day can have a major impact on your overall health.  It’s easy throughout a hectic day to forget to drink water and many people don’t truly realize how important water and hydration is to sustaining health and life.  Your body…

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How Coffee Can Impact Hormone Balance

How Coffee impacts hormone balance

Coffee Addiction and Your Hormones If you had to give up either coffee or the internet for 2 weeks, which one would you choose? How about either coffee or chocolate for 2 weeks? If you’d rather relinquish anything to keep your coffee, you’d be on par with the majority of the people around you.  Believe…

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Hashimoto’s & Types of Adrenal Fatigue

The path to reversing Hashimoto’s can seem like an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be.  One of the secrets to eliminating symptoms and reversing disease is cultivating the right healing habits.  Women who are successful in overcoming symptoms and reversing autoimmune thyroid disease pay a lot of attention to and are proactive in…

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Thyroid Round Table Updates

Recently I attended an educational event with several healthcare practitioners to learn about the latest research updates and clinical pearls regarding thyroid disorders. This is “Part I” based on what I learned. Part II will follow in my next newsletter. TSH Test vs. The Woltman’s Sign We’ve been hearing for the past few years that the TSH test…

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