Feeling overwhelmed? You have come to the right place because Shannon truly “gets it.” She has been where you are during a time in her own life when she struggled with autoimmune thyroid disease for many years. As an integrative nurse with a philosophy rooted in holism, Shannon is an effective  holistic wellness, and lifestyle consultant. As a registered nurse (RN) Shannon understands the use and indication for conventional medicine as well as integrative healthcare in order to guide you toward optimal outcomes and behaviors to achieve your desired wellness and lifestyle goals. Today’s medical system of treatment options has become extremely complex to navigate and Shannon works as your advocate to guide you through the medical maze. She also offers support on your behalf by communicating with your physicians and alternative healthcare practitioners to coordinate your care in an effort to support you as a whole person.

Many health coaches and consultants today are not RNs nor do they have coaching certifications. In fact, professional coaching does not not require certification despite all the certifications available.  RNs who are health, wellness, healthy eating, and/or lifestyle consultants are the most credentialed in the industry because these skills were learned as a part of a their RN education and clinical training. Registered Nurses abide by a very strict regulatory system unlike a non-medical professional who refers to themselves as a health, wellness, or lifestyle coach. Registered nurses who do work or practice as such work with the client’s healthcare provider(s) to ensure continuity of care and an optimal level of understanding between the two disciplines of medicine. The RN health consultant helps to develop a customized NANDA (North American Nursing Diagnostic Association) wellness care plan that is within the client’s best interest and designed from the client’s perspective based upon their life structure.

Holistic lifestyle, and wellness consulting by someone who has a background as a registered nurse is a useful strategy for those who want to help clients achieve their goals. Clients increasingly want to take charge of their own health and their own futures, and health & wellness or lifestyle consulting that includes healthy eating and lifestyle habits promotes a focused form of communication in delivering client-centered outcomes.

Holistic-based consulting by a RN helps clients to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve goals and manage life and personal challenges working with  holistic core elements: nature, nurture, and spirit and coaching holistically to balance the body, mind, and emotions. This form of coaching helps clients to uncover their sacred-self and recognize their own personal healing power.

The holistic lifestyle, health and wellness signature program, Principles of Wellness offered by Shannon Garrett,RN, CHLC, CNN can radically improve your life, health, and happiness. Whether working with a small group, in the corporate setting, one-on-one  or long distance with a full day VIP or weekly session client, Shannon will guide you in the discovery of lifestyle, healthy eating, skills for coping with stress & anxiety, behavior, and resource choices that best support you as a whole person. She will help you make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to achieve optimal health while feeling well throughout the aging process.

Shannon Garrett Wellness’ signature program is a comprehensive model specializing in addressing three targeted principles of wellness and includes recommendations for individualized healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, and strategies for coping with daily stress and anxiety. Shannon offers more than one dimension to wellness consulting by adding a holistic element because she strongly believes that we are spiritual beings and the mind is not disassociated from the health of the body.

Allow Shannon’s fresh and new way of thinking about health inspire you to think beyond the basics and let her show you how making small, inexpensive and doable changes in lifestyle choices will impact your life in positive and profound ways. Health of mind, body, spirit, and emotions is a gift worth nurturing. If she can do it so can you!

Shannon Garrett will:

  • Assess your health concerns.
  • Empower you to change your health habits for good so you can open up your life again to possibility. When was the last time you felt your life had a sense of possibilities?
  • Serve you to bridge the gap between you and your desired health goals.
  • Provide you with information and foster motivation and inspiration about your health or your health concerns.
  • Help you get “unstuck” in old patterns or habits that no longer serve you well.
  • Hold you accountable and serve as a source for accountability to help you to set realistic goals to make lasting change.
  • Teach you new skills to break old habits.
  • Empower you . . . inspire you . . . encourage & motivate you to search deep for what is really preventing you from healing.
  • Help you to stay on track – even when you feel like giving up.
  • Help you to maximize your real energy while reducing stress.
  • Teach you how to live in the precious present moment and make conscious choices for health, success, and happiness.
  • Support you in actively changing behaviors such as smoking, poor diet choices, and patterns of negative thinking.
  • Advocate on your behalf with your traditional, integrative, and alternative healthcare providers.
  • Provide registered nurse level lab work review as needed.
  • Help you prepare for life-changing events such as surgery.
  • Support you to become self-empowered and self-actualized (Maslow’s highest level of human functioning).
  • Design a custom NANDA registered nurse wellness care plan to put it all together in order to guide you in your wellness goals.

Are you motivated to make some changes in your life and health? You’ve come to the right place! So, what are you waiting for? Chat with Shannon and contact her today.