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Like many women, I sometimes crave sugar - especially when I feel stressed, tired, or feel like my hormones are out of balance.

I learned a long time ago how important it is to take control of my cravings for sugar.  Incorporating habits into my daily routine like meditation, prayer, deep breathing, guided imagery, gratitude journaling, and centering prayer allow me to de-stress, be in the precious present moment and realize that the momentary satisfaction from tasting sugar and the blood sugar spike that always follows truly isn't worth it. 

The realization and confidence in knowing (and believing) that I am in control has been a game-changer in terms of my overall health despite autoimmune disease issues related to Hashimoto's, pernicious anemia and celiac disease. 

Sugar is a carbohydrate and a dangerous one at that.  Processed sugar triggers inflammation in the body as well as impaired function of T cells and B cells in the immune system.  Sugar, in and of itself is also a stresser.  Consuming sugar on a regular basis creates chronic stress which can lead to sub-optimal functioning of the adrenal glands, a suppressed immune system, diabetes, insulin resistance and chronic fatigue.
One of my secrets for healthy aging, mood, energy, maintaining a healthy weight and hormone balance is to eliminate sugar.  But, please don't misunderstand; I do enjoy healthy treats on a regular basis.  I do not feel deprived in any way, and to be perfectly honest, my go-to treats actually taste better than refined and overly processed/packaged foods.
Another secret to success is to always have healthy blood-sugar balancing snacks on hand at all times.  When they're easy to prepare, there's no excuse.  

Here's just a few highlights of what you'll get from my Paleo Energy Snacks Recipe Guide:

  • What snacks you should use for energy
  • Quick & Healthy Snack Ideas for Women with Hashimoto's
  • Includes 10 of Shannon's most popular easy snack recipes
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