Hello and welcome to Holistic Thyroid Care!  I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website.  Helping women diagnosed with Hashimoto’s is my passion…it’s what I do, and it is my ministry, my calling.  I love hearing from you.  I invite you to connect with me through my Facebook page or my newsletter.

Are You Seriously Ready to Take Action in Your Autoimmune Thyroid Journey?

If you are a woman who knows the value of great health and living your best life…

If you are highly motivated to learn new lifestyle habits to heal your thyroid…

If you are an educated and empowered woman who needs a little guidance in your health, autoimmune or thyroid journey…

If you have gone through the Hashi’s Sisters Autoimmune & Thyroid eCourse

Then hopefully we can work together!

I practice as a functional and integrative holistic nurse and certified nurse-nutritionist.  I graduated from the prestigious Aquinas College School of Nursing (magna cum laude), Amridge University, and the Hashimoto’s Institute practitioner training program’s inaugural group (2015).

In addition, I have many certifications in environmental toxins, nutrition for nurse educators and holistic stress & anxiety management.   I specialize in working with women who’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s or suspect they may have a thyroid condition. 

I am not a physician, nor do I prescribe, yet I often work in tandem with my clients’ physician and wellness team.

Together, we will approach your case by discussing your concerns in detail, review of your health history, labs, supplements, and medications, etc., and creating a nurse-designed wellness care plan customized for you. 

In most cases, we need to request additional labs, many of which can be self-ordered for your convenience. 


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Are you interested in Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN)?

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I offer a variety of free eBooks and free e-Guides throughout the yeara weekly newsletter, a blog with educational articles, free thyroid-friendly recipes, the Holistic Thyroid Care Facebook page and the  Hashi's Sisters Holistic Thyroid & Autoimmune e-Course to help you in your journey.  

Also to provide thyroid-safe nutritional support for you I offer affordable seasonal thyroid detox programs, various paid courses, telephone consultations with many including a lab review, nutrition review, optional lab testing and customized NANDA-I nursing wellness care plans. I am also pleased to extend negotiated discounts on the best supplements available with Designs for Health and Pure RXO to support thyroid, hormone, adrenal, and overall women's health.

Hashimoto's is not always easily diagnosed and it can be very challenging to know what to do when you do get a diagnosis.  There are many "shades" of Hashimoto's, and finding remission is directly related to many factors including your readiness and willingness to make necessary lifestyle changes.  

Please be sure to check the website often as it is updated with new information every day to help women just like you to live your best healthy life.

Have you reversed Hashimoto's?  I'd love to hear from you!


I hear many stories about people who were able to get into remission.  As is the case with testimonials, stories of hope and healing can be very uplifting and hopeful for others who might find them empowering and a source of encouragement for them to not give up.

If you would like to submit your thyroid healing inspirational story or short video, please email us at along with a picture (headshot only is fine) of yourself.




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