Are You Seriously Ready to Take Action in Your Health?

If you are a woman who knows the value of great health and living your best life...

If you are highly motivated to learn new lifestyle habits...

If you are an educated and empowered woman who needs guidance in your health...

If you are willing to prepare 90% of your meals at home...

And, If you've gone through the Hashi's Sisters Autoimmune & Thyroid eCourse...

Then there's a good chance we could work together (see application button below).

I practice as an independent functional and integrative holistic registered nurse consultant and certified nurse-nutritionist.  I graduated from the prestigious Aquinas College School of Nursing (magna cum laude), Amridge University, and the Hashimoto's Institute practitioner training program.

In addition, I have many certifications in environmental toxins, nutrition for nurse educators and holistic stress & anxiety management.   I specialize in creating a custom NANDA-I nursing lifestyle and wellness plan for women who've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's (or suspect they may have a thyroid condition), hormone imbalance, menopause, adrenal fatigue, and more. 

If it's low-dose naltrexone (LDN) you're interested in, I am also an LDN nurse educator and can provide you with resources and guidance to help you and your doctor determine if LDN is right for you.

I am not a physician, nor do I prescribe, yet I often work in tandem with my clients' physicians and wellness team in getting to the root cause of your symptoms.

Together, we will approach your case by discussing your concerns in detail, a comprehensive review of your health history, labs, supplements, and medications, etc. to create a NANDA-I customized wellness care plan.  

In many cases, we need to request additional labs in order to offer a comprehensive lab review which may be self-ordered through our Ulta Labs channel.  Ulta Lab Tests offers testing services to residents of almost all states except the three where direct access testing is prohibited by law - New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island.


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