What's Your Symptom Burden?

Are you frustrated and tired of trying to figure out what your next steps should be in your health journey?  Have you read every thyroid and Hashimoto's book you can get your hands on but you're still not getting the results you had hoped for?

Chronic health issues like Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and others can be overwhelming especially when there is so much information out there to decipher.

The truth is that we're all unique individuals and there isn't one protocol that we all must follow.  

If only it were that easy!

There is a way to get on the right track.  As a certified functional nurse-nutritionist who specializes in working with women who've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's I utilize a unique approach to help you identify what your true symptom burden is and guide you in understanding how to prioritize your next steps.

Whether you're dealing with leaky gut, food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, fatigue, adrenal issues, hormone imbalance or inflammation related to autoimmune disease, my foundational root cause approach will deliver not only much needed insight, but also results.

Understanding your unique symptom burden prioritized by body system along with a specific protocol designed for you based on your Nutri-Q results will help you identify your next steps plus end the confusion and all the guesswork.  It's time to get moving in the right direction!

Nutri-Q Nutritional & Symptom Burden Assessment


The Nutri-Q Nutritional Assessment provides an analysis of your overall symptom burden and will help guide you in making appropriate and logical decisions in relation to your overall health concerns. You will receive the results of the assessment questionnaire along with recommended protocols.  A mini consultation to review your symptom burden reports is also included.

In order to create your unique Nutri-Q profile and set you up as a client, please:

  1. Complete Your Payment
  2. Complete and submit the intake form below. Upon setting up your Nutri-Q profile you will receive two emails from Nutri-Q:
    (1) to verify your email address
    (2) an invitation to complete your Nutri-Q Health Assessment Questionnaire

Your results will be provided to us initially.  We will provide them to you well in advance of your consultation.

Nutri-Q Nutritional Assessment & Symptom Burden Analysis + Consultation


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Nutri-Q Intake Questionnaire

To set up your Nutri-Q online health questionnaire, we must first set you up as a client. Please enter the information below which will be emailed to us. We will then set you up in the Nutri-Q system for taking your online assessment.

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