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  • Sheila T.
    Since I started working with Shannon Garrett I have gained insight in the areas of nutrition, lifestyle, self-care, and an increased understanding about Hashimoto’s, lab results,and collaboration with team physicians. I truly feel more encouraged and feel so much better than ever before!  It has been extremely helpful for me to have had the opportunity to work with Shannon. She has opened my mind to a new way of thinking about taking charge of my healthcare. Her immense knowledge about Thyroid and autoimmune issues and her passion for educating others are qualities I appreciate very much. Shannon took great care and concern to dig deep to discover my root causes and she showed me what was driving my symptoms.  She has definitely opened my eyes to understand it’s not just my “thyroid,” I now understand what it means to have an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s.  Thank you for everything! 
    Sheila T.
  • Romy S.
    I have loved working with Shannon Garrett. She is so caring, patient in answering my questions and I’ve never felt rushed. I have learned about the difference between “normal” and “optimal” lab ranges, evaluation of gene tests and a scale for how much protein is needed so I can keep an ideal weight, and also how to monitor my blood pressure correctly.  What I love the most about Shannon is her very loving and caring personality and she has more knowledge then any other practitioner I’ve ever worked with and I had to consult with many before finding her and look forward to working with her again.  Thank you Shannon!  You provide very professional and caring service for sure. 
    Romy S.
  • Cindy H.
    Shannon Garrett is a compassionate, caring, practitioner who truly cares about her Hashimoto’s Sisters. She works hard to dig out the root causes of people’s autoimmune disease, and puts them on a clear path to healing, as long as they will commit to walking that journey and making the needed sacrifices, giving up bad health habits and replacing them with a nourishing lifestyle. I love that she researches all the latest treatment in Hashimoto’s and uses an individualized holistic approach. I don’t have a lot of free time to research, but she graciously shares her knowledge on her website and Facebook group. Shannon is compassionate and understanding, but she is direct in what needs to be done. When she works with you, she leaves you with a care plan of what needs to change to bring about healing. Her whole body approach using diet, lifestyle, stress management, and thyroid medication to work synergistically toward a healing journey has helped me in several ways:  I have uncovered food sensitivities that I never knew I had. I have learned that eating foods frequently can cause the body to develop a sensitivity to that food. I have a better understanding of how to titrate meds like NP Thyroid and LDN.  Thank you, Shannon! 
    Cindy H.
  • Karen L.
    Shannon Garrett’s Holistic Thyroid Care program is the best money I have spent on my health issues (hypoadrenia, hormone imbalance, inflammation issues (Alcat food & chemical sensitivity test), blood sugar issues, and  Hashimotos). I initially sought Shannon’s advice because I thought my Hashimoto’s was out of control, but in fact, my diet, hormones, sugar imbalances, adrenals, and other issues were the problems. Through working with Shannon she developed a personalized wellness plan to address my unique issues and I am now in control of my wellness. Hashimoto’s can lead to other autoimmune conditions and I thought prior to Shannon that my diet was good but in fact, I was eating inflammatory foods (salmon, beef, chicken) and not enough healthy foods. Just by following Shannon’s recommendations and adding more healthy fat I have stabilized my blood sugar, and inflammation is reduced!! By implementing hormone protocols I can sleep through the night! I’ve already lost 20 pounds (1 month in) and my adrenal function is improving.   I feel 100% optimistic by following Shannon’s suggested protocols that my health will continue to improve. There is so much information on the internet (ie paleo plans etc) that may not work for everyone. I received far more one on one support than I thought I would receive. I am extremely grateful and optimistic about my future today!! Thank you, Shannon and Tiffany! 
    Karen L.
  • Sandy O.
    I was hypothyroid for about 7 years and slipped into feeling absolutely miserable no matter what I did. My doctor would only test TSH and always told me it was normal. His response was always “at your age, what’s going to happen is going to happen.” He advised me to get an app for my phone to track exercise and eat less.  I finally found Shannon and started working with her in May of 2016. Following her recommendations for labs, we discovered that I had thyroid antibodies and was diagnosed with Hashi’s.  Plus, my Vitamin D, B12, ferritin and just about everything else was in the gutter, and…my adrenals are in stage 3 exhaustion. So, I wasn’t crazy after all!  I’m so glad Shannon is in the world doing what she does – THANK YOU!!  
    Sandy O.
  • Deb D.
    Shannon Garrett is definitely one of my “go-to” experts for Hashimoto’s. I did her 4-week private Hashimoto’s program and I appreciate that not only is she professionally qualified as a nurse specialist but she actually also has Hashimoto’s herself and understands what I’ve gone through. This really means a lot to me.  I loved her online course and have saved it for future reference
    Deb D.
  • Ann L.
    I am in remission from Hashimoto’s!  Shannon Garrett has been working with me for the past three years, as I have had to chart a course toward wellness after being diagnosed with 3 autoimmune and 2 genetic conditions. My internist and specialists did not believe these conditions are related or that the immune system itself can be healed. But Shannon believes it can! Her background as a RN, scientific researcher, patient with autoimmune issues (now healed) and Christian with strong convictions and passion to help people give her a powerful testimony to wellness and make her uniquely qualified to guide and encourage people toward paths of healing and wellness consistent with all of God’s plans and ways for each of us. Shannon’s insight, interpretations and guidance with my health issues have been a tremendous blessing and encouragement…and ones I count on for the future.
    Ann L.
  • Sara W.
    There has been no other health professional in the medical profession that has been more informative, compassion, patient, and inspiring than Shannon Garrett.  Moreover, she is relatable because she has been through this disease and so much more.  She is so professional in all aspects of her work.  For every question I have had, she is there to answer in a very detailed, efficient and timely manner.   I often joke with Shannon that I wish she could move in with me so I could access her incredible brain at any moment. Shannon has allowed me freedom [thanks to] her knowledge, to move away from suffering and move forward to embrace this disease with the confidence that it doesn’t define me.  I’ve learned so much about how to best care for myself and have a healthier life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Hugs & kisses! 
    Sara W.
  • Stephanie M.
    Shannon Garrett is the best!  I worked with her for a little over a year searching for solutions to pain related to interstitial cystitis.  I really love her approach and it is she who introduced me to low-dose-naltrexone. 
    Stephanie M.
  • Jennifer M.
    I first heard about Shannon when I watched her interview on the ‘Thyroid Secret’ and I felt a pull instantly to contact her. I am a nurse too and she put me at ease the first phone call. I was emotionally and physically gutted by a severe Hashimoto’s flare prior to the call. Shannon helped me discover my root cause to my autoimmune hives that put me in the hospital for 4 days and about 10 injections of epinephrine. I know this is a journey and thankful Shannon is by my side through it. I am on natural thyroid and feeling great! 
    Jennifer M.
  • Vivian P.
    I honestly thought I had Hashimoto’s due to all my symptoms and it turns out I did not.  Shannon was able to figure out that I was insulin resistant and was able to help me just the same with her 4-week program. She is very thorough, patient, and empathetic.  She is also authentic and approachable…she works with YOU.  Where many doctors will give a man a fish, Shannon “teaches us to fish.”  Shannon’s compassion along with her care and concern to get to the bottom of what was causing my symptoms made me feel I had [finally] come to the right place.  I never considered the effects blood sugar imbalance could cause and Shannon helped me to understand. I now feel empowered to master this problem and overcome it! 
    Vivian P.
  • Lisa S.
    I was extremely doubtful but held onto a sliver of hope that anyone would ever be able to figure out my detox, hormones, genetics, adrenal fatigue, migraines and thyroid mess. Several practitioners later I was skeptical that anyone would ever be able to truly help me. A few helped me, a few tried, and one made me worse. I went through 10 years of being sick and extremely fatigued, tons of supplements, a lot of money out-of-pocket, a lot failure with only a handful of successes thrown in the mix. I had very little stamina and quality of life. Each day I did what I had to just to get through the day until I could go to bed only to have insomnia from 2 am on. I thought I was stuck in AIP hell for the rest of my life and finding out what I can eat and should avoid (through Alcat test which Shannon ordered) I have much more satisfaction and freedom now.  I’m able to be more social and do more things without the stress and fear of eating the wrong thing. Addressing nutritional deficiencies helped almost right away with energy and hair regrowth. Shannon knows how to treat a resistant form of Hashimoto’s because she is an expert and she suffered from it herself. Before Shannon’s help 2 hours of grocery shopping would put me in bed for at least 2-3 hours and left me with zero energy and feeling weak and shaky. Today I am able to shop, clean, do laundry and make dinner without a nap or suffer from it!  I am also able to do light regular exercises like walking and yoga which would have depleted me before. I have hopes and dreams again…thanks to Shannon and her team. I’ve come further in six months than I had in 10 years. Thank you, Shannon, from the bottom of my heart!
    Lisa S.

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