A Better Way to Order High Quality Thyroid Supplements

DFH Select

The dietary supplements you choose are key to achieving the health outcomes you desire. In today’s environment, many people prefer to purchase the products recommended by their wellness provider or consultant in ways most convenient for them.  If people can’t conveniently buy what is recommended for them, they will switch to a formula that is more easily accessible. Designs for Health is making it more convenient and more affordable than ever to ensure access to high quality supplements and medical foods.  Their new program makes it so much easier to order high quality thyroid supplements.

Risks of purchasing supplements from unauthorized online sellers

  • You might choose a different formula.  These products may be inferior or not aligned to your specific nutritional requirements.
  • Old, expired or past their freshness date.  These products have often lost potency and likely will not meet label claims for listed ingredients.
  • Counterfeit products.  Yes, unfortunately it happens!  Unscrupulous individuals sell discounted products with unknown ingredients and quality using counterfeit labels.
  • Products that are damaged or were previously sold.  Unauthorized dealers may attempt to dump damaged products by selling them online at a discount.
  • It is not worth the risk to an already compromised thyroid with counterfeit, damaged, previously sold or expired products.  I recommend you use only high quality thyroid supplements.

It’s time to make what’s most convenient for you more accessible and cost-effective

Introducing:  DFH Select™

In the rapidly emerging internet marketplace, the time has come for Designs for Health to be the first to introduce a sweeping change for how dietary supplements are made available to practitioners, patients, and the public.

We are proud to share the news about DFH Select™, an exclusive eCommerce membership program that gives you more convenient options for ordering high quality thyroid supplements online.  This program puts an end to the risk of receiving counterfeit products, expired products, damaged or previously sold supplements.

Designs for Health will now be facilitating the online sales of their products only available through authorized websites including DFH Select™ Certified Practitioner Webstores, and the main Designs for Health eStore (practitioner code is required).

Please note:  our discount code(s) will only work on the Holistic Thyroid Care DFH e-Store.

DFH Select™ allows you to purchase Designs for Health supplements via optional methods.  You may choose the one that is most convenient for you. 

Convenient Options

Option #1:  DFH Select™ Holistic Thyroid Care HCP Webstore - convenient ordering of your thyroid supplements from our Holistic Thyroid website store with exclusive discount promotions for our community of followers.
FREE SHIPPING on all orders
USE PATIENT PROMO CODE: HCT40 and receive a 40% discount!

Option #2:  Designs for Health Company Webstore - Simple & easy ordering.
FREE SHIPPING on all orders

Why Healthcare Professionals Recommend Designs for Health

Because Designs for Health offers industry-leading quality at every step, from concept to delivery:

  • Formula Design:  This process begins with product formulation, were Designs for Health decides on the proper combination of ingredients and their ideal potencies - all supported by scientific research.
  • Ingredient Selection:  Designs for Health works with the most reputable raw material suppliers to select the best ingredients.  They then conduct internal and 3rd party testing of the ingredients to ensure identify, potency, composition, and purity (contaminant-free).
  • Manufacturing:  The product takes life as it is manufactured and rigorously tested at DFH-owned facilities in Montana and Nevada.  Their manufacturing facilities are third party certified for good manufacturing practices (GMPs).
  • Convenient Purchasing Options:  Designs for Health makes their products available through convenient shopping methods that work for you - whether it be from our Holistic Thyroid Care DFH e-Store,or the Designs for Health website using our practitioner code. 

*Please note:  our discount code(s) will only work on the Holistic Thyroid Care DFH e-Store.

In our ongoing effort to offer you the highest quality thyroid supplements, service and education possible, we would like to welcome you to visit our new DFH Company Webstore...the new design is beautiful and we'll be adding the top supplements for thyroid health to our featured page.

Please don't forget to make note of the access, discount, and shipping codes when placing your order.