What You Should Know that an Adrenal Test Doesn’t Reveal

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Find Out What Your Standard Adrenal Test Doesn’t Show!

Fact:  This Quiz Will Change How You Manage Adrenal Health

Over the past several years I’ve observed varying degrees and phases of adrenal fatigue.  Some women get better and others do not despite following their doctors recommendations or the tips they found on Dr. Google or Facebook.  I started to wonder why some heal and others struggle for a really long time; and it has much to do with what an adrenal test doesn’t reveal.

I later learned there is another dimension to adrenal fatigue you may not have considered. 

Not every woman’s adrenal fatigue is the same and there is no “one size fits all”protocol but there are unique considerations.

I collaborated with two functional medicine doctors and a cardiologist and designed a simple quiz to help you assess which adrenal fatigue “type” you may be experiencing.  This does not show up on a standard adrenal test for cortisol.  I’m not referring to the phase or stage you’re in, but the type…in other words, there are marked variations in having low cortisol.

There are other factors at play and to date, saliva tests do not assess these variables; however, they do determine the phase of adrenal fatigue.

In taking the quiz, my hope for you is that you’ll know exactly what type you’re dealing with.  This is important for you particularly if you’ve been following an adrenal fatigue protocol for a while and not seeing much improvement.

The adrenal glands are at the core of your body’s ability to heal hormone imbalance, blood sugar imbalance, gut health, thyroid health, regulate the stress response and heal your immune system.

The  adrenal fatigue quiz will show you a few variations of low cortisol symptoms. 

For example, you may be exhausted but don’t sleep well because you’re “wired and tired.” 

Maybe you’re waking up at 3am fully alert, or you sigh a lot or are prone to depression.

These symptoms and more mean something – and they don’t mean the same “type” of adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is a concern for many women.  Especially for those who have autoimmune thyroid conditions, hormone imbalance, inability to lose weight, stress in general or consume processed/refined foods and crave coffee throughout the day simply to have enough energy to juggle everything they need to!

This quiz is designed to help you discover what “type” adrenal fatigue you’re in right now.  Not the “phase.”  Cortisol testing does not currently show the type, and yet it’s important information to know in order to support your adrenals in the right way.

Low cortisol also links with certain chemicals in the body that can make you feel hyper or have a rapid heartbeat (palpitations) or high pulse rate.  When this happens many women believe it’s their thyroid and the immediate course of action is to adjust thyroid medication.  If you have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue per a saliva test, hyper symptoms do not necessarily mean it’s your thyroid or thyroid medication at all.

Learn more about these chemicals and the powerful, albeit subtle effects they can have when you’re dealing with adrenal fatigue by taking the quiz.

Discover if your current healing regimen needs to be tweaked a little.  

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