Aromatherapy for Thyroid & Adrenal Support

Photo Credit: Vibrant Blue Oils

Various essential oils extracted from fruits and plants are popular for their healthful properties.  Many have been used for centuries to soothe the nerves and maintain general health and overall well-being.

When choosing an essential oil it is important to know what you’re getting.  Although it’s not the only brand I enjoy using, when it comes to specific issues I recommend and trust Vibrant Blue Therapeutic Essential Oils.

The female body is a delicately designed and complex system.  Often you will hear functional and integrative practitioners referring to the “3-legged stool” where women’s health is concerned which includes the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, and sex hormones, i.e. the ovaries.  In this article I’m focusing primarily on the thyroid and the adrenals.  The next focus will be exclusively on hormones.

Thyroid Support Vibrant BlueBecause I have Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune conditions one of my favorite essential oils is Thyroid Support.  Since I had to go off LDN for a surgical procedure (twice) I used this blend every day for a couple of months.  I continue to use it three times a week for maintenance or when I feel stressed, inflamed, fatigued or overwhelmed.  It is a unique blend of Hyssop, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Geranium, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Sage, Spruce, Frankincense, Rose, German Chamomile, Ylang Ylang Extra, Neroli and Angelica Root.  I love it!

Adrenal-166x166 Vibrant BlueMy second go-to essential oil is their Adrenal Support essential oil blend.  Adrenal Blend is designed to balance the extremes, calming the adrenals when too much cortisol is released and supporting them during periods of adrenal fatigue.

So, I have a confession to make!  Recently, I did my annual saliva test for 24-hour cortisol and hormone check up.  It appears I’ve slipped into stage II adrenal fatigue again.  Despite how well I take care of myself I’m really not all that surprised.  With the surgery, antibiotics, having to go off LDN, and the death of a beloved pet during my recovery period really took its toll on my health.  The good news is that I know exactly how to get back on track…I’ve done it before and I will heal again.

Adrenal Support contains a proprietary formulation of Galbanum, Thyme, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Helichrysm, Manuka and Rosemary.  It’s recommended to apply topically to the area of the adrenals 2-3 times daily in addition to enjoying aromatically during moments of anxiety or stress to return to balance.

Not sure if you are experiencing hypo or hyper adrenal symptoms?

Hyperadrenia (Adrenal Excess) Symptoms: when we face ongoing stress, the adrenal glands produce too much cortisol, leading to symptoms including weight gain around the waist, poor sleep, fatigue, elevated blood sugar, menstrual irregularities, increased thirst, high blood pressure, and frequent infections. Are you experiencing any of these issues?

Hypoadrenia (Adrenal Fatigue) Symptoms:  as chronic stress continues, the adrenal glands become depleted.  They were designed to deal with stress in small spurts rather than in periods of days or months (or even years) which is the case for many of us with chronic health issues.  Chronic stress overworks the adrenal gland to the point of exhaustion and eventually they become to fatigued to meet the daily demands of the body.

Symptoms of exhausted adrenals include fatigue, sugar or salt cravings, low blood sugar, a history of low blood pressure, skin rashes, allergies, poor sleep, depression and anxiety.  Any of these sound familiar?

The good news is that Adrenal Support is designed to help balance either of the extremes…adrenal fatigue and burn out or if you’re under a great deal of acute stress and producing too much cortisol.


Vibrant Blue Therapeutic Essential Oils are properly extracted, organic, therapeutic grade oils from wild-crafted, organic plants grown in their indigenous locations.

Vibrant Blue sources therapeutic oils through numerous small organic farms, working directly with the small villages and farmers to insure the integrity and quality of the product.

Small farmers often grow only one or two crops a year and therefore take better care of their crops, thus producing higher quality crops and higher quality essential oils. Working directly with the farmers also removes the “Middle Man” and the potential for adulteration of the oils.

Vibrant Blue Oils are free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, adulterants, and added synthetic chemicals. They confirm this by performing GC/MS testing on every batch.

All oils are sold as single species plants from the same farm and distillation batch. Because of the high quality and purity of our oils, you will notice slight changes in different batches due to the effects of weather conditions on plant growth.

Vibrant Blue Oils are packaged in cobalt blue bottles that block out damaging light and radiation. The blue glass will only reflect the natural energy state of the oil within the bottle. Unfortunately, some companies add frequencies to their low quality oil trying to pass them off as better quality. They just use the blue bottles so everyone knows exactly what they are getting.

Have you tried essential oils?  I love them and when a true therapeutic quality essential is used correctly and for the right purpose, the results are often compelling.  I am also an aromatherapy nurse and advocate for the appropriate use and indication of essential oils as an adjunct (not replacement) complementary and alternative modality.  I encourage you to give them a try for stress that may be taxing your adrenals and for your thyroid to support harmonious communication, to overcome feelings of humiliation, inhibition and denial.  It’s interesting how thyroid function can affect us emotionally.

Let me know what you think!  Until then, be well.


Photo Credits:  Vibrant Blue Oils