How to Improve Thyroid Symptoms with Progesterone

Thyroid Symptoms Low Progesterone

How to Improve Thyroid Symptoms with Progesterone Thyroid symptoms are often preceded by or coincide with fluctuating hormone levels.  Estrogen dominance is a term used to describe the situation when your body has too high a level of total estrogen in relation to your amount of progesterone.  The ratio of progesterone is often found to…

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How Coffee Can Impact Hormone Balance


Coffee Addiction and Your Hormones If you had to give up either coffee or the internet for 2 weeks, which one would you choose? How about either coffee or chocolate for 2 weeks? If you’d rather relinquish anything to keep your coffee, you’d be on par with the majority of the people around you.  Believe…

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How to Use Seed Rotation to Rebalance Your Hormones

It’s not very often that we hear about food helping to correct hormonal imbalances. In fact, when we hear the words “hormonal problems,” we are conditioned to think of solutions not extending much further than birth control pills, hormone creams and pallots. Supporting the old mantra of “food is your medicine,” this article shows how…

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Simple & Affordable Blood Tests Could Save Your Life

Many of my clients want to self-order their own labs.  Sometimes because their doctor refuses to order the correct tests, or they want to check levels in between doctor appointments, or their insurance doesn’t cover testing due to high deductibles or other reasons.  I’ve found a lab I personally love and it’s amazing how affordable…

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Get Control of Your Hormones!

I was recently diagnosed with primary frozen shoulder on the left side.  For those of you who have experienced this condition you know exactly how painful it is.  I would say in the beginning, my pain was a level 9 to 10 most hours of the day – and forget sleeping because it was virtually…

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