Shannon Garrett Wellness Launches New eStore!

DFH_logoI am thrilled to announce that Shannon Garrett Wellness has launched a new eStore! This is an exciting way to introduce and offer you targeted professional products including science-based nutraceuticals and medical foods of the highest quality on the market. My first product line features the complete professional product line from Designs for Health (DFH).
I chose to align myself with Designs for Health because the company is committed to a philosophy of science-first as their guide and they have made it their mission to deliver to healthcare practitioners an option for optimal therapeutic professional natural products for their clients. Designs for Health began in 1989 by offering nutrition counseling and education services. The company’s immediate success, and eventual decision to develop a professional-only line of nutritional supplements, grew out of their ability to deliver results in the form of successful patient treatment outcomes. Relying on science-based nutritional solutions, the company’s motto became – and still is – “Science First.” Designs for Health also refers to themselves as “The Paleo Company,” believing in the dietary principles followed by our ancestors for achieving optimal wellness.

It’s no secret that I personally use Designs for Health nutraceuticals and medical foods and have written about specific products extensively that have been an integral part of my healing regimen. I continue to use many Designs for Health products for maintenance, especially GI Revive.  This product proved to be a critical component for healing my leaky gut and I still rely on it today for protection. I am confident you will be pleased with their product benefits because when it comes to providing health supplements rooted in meticulous research, there is no other brand that has more credibility within the medical community.  Crafted from years of research with some of the best scientific minds on the planet, Designs for Health has slowly built a reputation through its sterling products that have built it into a market leader, albeit one that many people still do not know about because authentic Designs for Health products are typically available only through a healthcare professional.

If you are not finding what you need from the drugstore or grocery store vitamins you pick up on a regular basis, maybe it is time to rethink and change what you are putting into your body; what’s the point of taking it if it has lost its efficacy  and you’re not absorbing it?  There are too many products out there that are simply copying off of each other and do not contain the right mix of ingredients to be properly ingested into and assimilated by the body. You may be receiving the right amount of nutrition, and maybe the label “looks good,” but it does not stay inside of your body to be used properly.

This is where Designs for Health products, vitamins, nutrients, and medical foods separate themselves from the rest of its competition. The scientists who research these products do so with an eye focused on physiology of the human body and the way in which it is intended by nature to receive nutrition. When you use Designs for Health products, you can be sure that what’s on the label is actually what is going inside your body to be properly used.

Designs for Health eStore Overview:  Benefits for Everyone:
1. Browse all Designs for Health natural supplements and medical foods.
2. View every product’s description, dosage, and ingredients
3. Create a personal log-in account with the ability to view account information, tracking, past & current orders
4. Easy ordering
5. And so much more!

Search and Shop:
* What’s New
* Medical Foods
* Product Search A-Z
* Product Category, e.g. “Brain Health,” or Weight Management,” etc.
* Nutrient Classifications
* Accessories
* Shop by Price

Thank you in advance for trying a Designs for Health product. I am grateful for any and all purchases no matter how small or large the order. Please take a look at my new Designs for Health eStore here today and check it out. I would also love your feedback! In addition, as I continue to celebrate the launch of my new website and my new Designs for Health eStore, I am offering you a discount of 10% off all Designs for Health natural supplements and medical foods.  All you need to do is enter DFH10% when you finalize your purchase. But hurry because this discount won’t last forever!  Not sure what product is right for you?  Feel free to Contact Me and I will happy to help guide you.

Shannon wants to know: What’s your favorite Designs for Health product?