Can Chronic Stress Trigger Thyroid Autoimmunity?

Chronic Stress & Autoimmune Thyroid Disease I’m so excited to share today’s guest post written by Dr. Eric Osansky of Natural Endocrine Solutions. There are many different root causes and factors which can lead to the development of an autoimmune thyroid disease. Some of these include food allergens, infections, and environmental toxins.  What you may…

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Hashimoto’s and Leg Swelling

Leg Swelling Calf Pain

Hashimoto’s Leg Swelling and Calf pain There are many side effects related to hypothyroidism caused by autoimmune thyroid disease.   Skin tissues are often affected and one of the most frustrating signs is a condition called myxedema which can happen anywhere on the body, especially on the face and eyelids.  It is also troubling when myxedema…

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Vitamin D And Autoimmune Disease

Vitamin D and Autoimmune Disease

Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin.” When our skin is exposed to ultraviolet light, a cascade of events occurs to manufacture vitamin D in the body. It’s pretty amazing how it works and the process of making vitamin D also relies on adequate levels of cholesterol and functions of the liver and kidneys.…

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Hashimoto’s & Risk Factors

Hashimoto's Risk Factors

Hashimoto’s is the main cause of hypothyroidism and if you want to get well it is important to consider your unique risk factors, root causes, and triggers. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease just like multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) to name a few, in which the immune system has lost…

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Vitiligo & Thyroid Disease

Vitilito Thyroid Disease Connection

One of the risk factors associated with autoimmune thyroid disease and not healing the immune system is secondary autoimmune conditions.  When the immune system loses tolerance… lack of self-tolerance – it can’t identify which cells belong to you from those cells that are pathogens, i.e. viral or bacterial cells. When I realized that I could…

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Inflammation: The Root Cause of Illness


Inflammation and problems with the digestive tract are often the norm when it comes to living with autoimmune disease.  It is inflammation that is the driving force behind Hashimoto’s but did you also know these factors can also accelerate aging and increase the risk of degenerative diseases? Inflammation can also lead to adrenal fatigue…another reason why it is so important to work on digestive issues.…

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Simple & Affordable Blood Tests Could Save Your Life

Many of my clients want to self-order their own labs.  Sometimes because their doctor refuses to order the correct tests, or they want to check levels in between doctor appointments, or their insurance doesn’t cover testing due to high deductibles or other reasons.  I’ve found a lab I personally love and it’s amazing how affordable…

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Uncommon Factors that may Block Thyroid Hormone

uncommon factors block thyroid hormone

If you have Hashimoto’s you know how essential it is that you absorb and assimilate your thyroid medication.  Just because you’re faithful with your medication regimen does not guarantee that your body is going to absorb it, however.  Unfortunately, blood levels aren’t always 100% accurate especially if you are experiencing the phenomenon known as thyroid resistance or thyroid pooling.  This…

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The GI Tract: Food Sensitivities Might be the Cause of Your Symptoms

 You’re ready to throw your hands up in the air with frustration because you have been to multiple doctors and had endless tests yet you’ve learned nothing definitive.  You may have symptoms like chronic headaches or migraines, muscle aches or joint pain, fatigue, digestive or tummy issues, rashes, foggy brain, fatigue and more and you’re at a loss when it comes to learning how to…

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Health Coach or Wellness Consultant: Do You Need One?

These days a health coach might be your personal trainer, registered dietitian, nutritionist, massage therapist, life coach, yoga instructor, or nurse wellness consultant, like me. 🙂 It is interesting that we have so many laws limiting what a certified health professional can teach their clientele…of course they cannot diagnose or prescribe because practicing without a…

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