Inflammation & Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Chronic Inflammation & Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Part I Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  Any medical term with the suffix “Itis” refers to an inflammatory condition or disease.  In this case, it refers to inflammation of the thyroid gland caused by autoimmunity known as Hashimoto’s, hence the term Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Think of chronic inflammation & Hashimoto’s thyroiditis as a fire burning out of control. Unlike…

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Key Triggers of Inflammation and Hashimoto’s

hashimoto's inflammation

Chronic inflammation affects every aspect of your health and overall well-being.  It can be mysterious at first, especially in Hashimoto’s.  From where it begins, to the triggers, signs, and symptoms, it isn’t always straightforward to assess, much less address which is the main point.  Inflammation must be addressed at its root. Unless you turn off the actual cause…

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What is the Best Diet for Hashimoto’s?

What Diet is Best for Hashimoto's

I remember the day when I finally received my diagnosis after being misdiagnosed for 8 years and wondering “what is the best diet for Hashimoto’s?” Like you, I was concerned about what I would be able to eat and it seemed life was going to be difficult where food was concerned.  At the time, I…

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Tips to Relieve Symptoms of Hashimoto’s Inflammation

Hashimoto's Inflammation

When you think about chronic inflammation, does it make you think of a fire that is burning out of control?   Unlike the type of inflammation you notice when you experience a cut or bruise as the result of specialized white blood cells congregating to clean up the area, chronic inflammation is not visible to the naked eye.  …

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Inflammation: The Root Cause of Illness


Inflammation and problems with the digestive tract are often the norm when it comes to living with autoimmune disease.  It is inflammation that is the driving force behind Hashimoto’s but did you also know these factors can also accelerate aging and increase the risk of degenerative diseases? Inflammation can also lead to adrenal fatigue…another reason why it is so important to work on digestive issues.…

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